New Creation cHristian fellowship


  • New Creation Christian Fellowship (Charity number: 1204022) are a group of people of all ages and social back grounds whose lives have been transformed by Jesus Christ of the Bible.
  • We have also seen and experienced in our lives that Jesus Christ heals the sick and restores people's lives through His love.
  • In order to know Jesus Christ of the  Bible and experience His unconditional love, come along and experience His presence as we meet and fellowship with one another every week in multi lingual setting. 
  • You're also invited to watch our live broadcast on SKY TV Channel every Wednesdays at 8:30pm-9pm as we share the good news of God's Kingdom. Program is presented by Pastor and his wife in Hindi / English / Gujarati, you can also watch on YouTube - program name is "Parmeshwar ka Rajya" & also watch on facebook. 

  • we belive that:

    We believe that a person is saved, not by being good enough or by doing good works, but by having faith in Jesus Christ, who paid the penalty for all of the sins of the world, including you and me, when HE died on the cross.

    The Good News is that Jesus Christ did not remain dead forever but He rose from the death now lives FOREVER! Hallelujah!

    Because He lives forever He is able to help us in our weakness / strife / struggles / pain / guilt and much more. 

  • our faith

    THE BIBLE is the inspired, inerrant Word of God, and is accurate, authoritative and applicable in all matters of life and doctrine. (see 2 Timothy 3:16,17.)

    THAT GOD is three eternal Persons – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – and that He created all things for His glory and good purpose.

    THAT MAN was made in the image of God, but that sin separated us from our Creator.

    THE FATHER loves mankind and has acted to save us from the devastating and eternal effects of sin.

    THE SON is Jesus Christ, who came to earth to live, die on the Cross and be raised to life again to save all mankind.

    THE HOLY SPIRIT empowers believers to live life to the full, and gives supernatural gifts to enable us in our mission.

    THE CHURCH is the universal body of Christ, comprising all who repent from sin and believe and trust in the death and resurrection of Jesus.

    THE LEADERSHIP of the Church is spearheaded by apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers, working with elders and deacons in each locality.

    THE MISSION of the church is to make disciples of all nations, starting in our locality by expressing the love of God in word and deed.

    THE FUTURE concerns the restoration of all things, and that Jesus will return to a glorious, overcoming Church. Spread the Word.